Based on cutting-edge technology developed at Dartmouth College and MIT Media Lab, Astute Imaging™ was founded to revolutionize Image-Guided Therapy.

With 30+ issued and pending patents and hundreds of customers, and key industry partners; Astute Imaging™ continues to define the standards and lead the way to explore new horizons in Image-Guided Therapy applications.

Established in 2021, in the state of Washington, Astute Imaging™ is a healthcare IT solutions company,  specialized in building imaging applications for healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers

To apply data-driven enhancements and automation for procedure planning and follow-up, to enable effective and optimized patient-centric care management for healthcare providers and device manufacturers

Enhancing image-guided therapy pre/post procedure planning and follow up for cardiovascular, neurology, oncology and MSK

We Equip Physicians with Innovative Services to Enable Effective and Optimized Patient-Centric Care Management

45 min

Time Saved Per Study





We Boost Our Partners Growth by Optimizing their Medical Devices Research and Development

+69 Million

Images Processed


Clinical Trials

24 Hours

Processing Turnaround

We Empower the Medical Community with Curated Longitudinal Data and Images to Develop Breakthrough Research Projects

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Imaging Studies

20+ Years

of Curated Data



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