Innovative Patient Management & Tracking Services

At the heart of our platform, PEMS® is a cloud-based patient registry and tracking system, that enables our core services for healthcare providers and device manufacturers through a secure multitenant database and multi-modality image repository.

PEMS® | Patient Tracking and Management System

Cloud-Based System

Preview® Access

Online Patient Registry

Longitudinal Analysis

Integrated Alerts Manager

Effective Patient Management & Tracking Through PEMS®

PEMS® is a secure and innovative web-based patient registry that allows physicians and researchers to collect, view and manage their patients’ radiological images and clinical data for better patient follow-up and optimized outcomes.

PEMS® offers 24/7 access to anatomical measurements and images which are useful for reviewing every patient’s status as well as long-term patient tracking. PEMS® patient management system also provides users with customized alerts, and the ability to download Preview® 3D interactive studies created by Astute Imaging®.

Integrated Alerts Management

Stay connected with an integrated Alerts Management System designed to ensure better-coordinated care.

The configurable multidisciplinary alerts enable online tracking of patients that might need further assessment or immediate attention.

Pre and Post-Operative Analysis

  •  Longitudinal analysis with measurements and images Visual representation of morphology changes over time 
  • Customizable patient alerts for measurements and morphology outside of guidelines 
  • Standardized measurement protocol
  • Collect and store post-operative data for future research

Patient Management 

  • Cloud-based, available 24/7
  • Export measurement data
  • Order and monitor Preview® studies 
  • Add physician notes to patient records 
  • Set follow-up reminders
  • Manage appointments 
  • Generate patient data summary report 
Treatment Planning

3D case planning integrated with Preview® with full suite of measurements 

  • Volume 
  • Diameter 
  • Length 
  • Graft position 
  • Angles and tortuosity 
  • Endoleak 
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SurveillAAAnce® Service is a low-cost, post-op AAA surveillance and tracking tool that provides access to critical measurements and notifications based on variables set by the user.

Five critical Post-Op measurements in one place:

  1. Total volume of contents of aorta and iliac vessels from distal renal to right hypogastric
  2. Volume of endoleak (if present)
  3. Maximum diameter of aneurysm sac
  4. Diameter of aorta below the dital renal artery
  5. Distance from distal renal artery to proximal end of aortic stent graft
SurveillAAAnce® - post-op patient tracking

The Best-in-Class Patient Tracking & Management System for Image-Guided Therapy


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Your data security is our first priority, all our systems are HIPAA compliant and we follow the latest security standards and guidelines to keep your data safe

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