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Astute Imaging™ subscription-based imaging services provide physicians with 24/7 access to pre and post-surgery planning and follow-up tools including 3D modeling/reconstruction, measurements, analysis, tracking, and alerts management.

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How It Works

Astute Imaging™ subscription-based imaging services provide physicians with 24/7 access to pre and post-surgery planning and follow-up tools including 3D modeling, reconstruction, measurements, analysis, tracking, and alerts management.

Our imaging services were designed to beat physicians’ burnout by introducing easy-to-use online services that save physicians 45 min on average of planning time per surgery. It is as simple as UploadAnalyzeTrack with Alerts


Upload your multi-modality DICOM images securely through vDAC® direct from the modality.


Analyze your case models and measurements processed by Astute Imaging™ experts through Preview®.

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View, manage and track your patients’ progress over time through PEMS® online patient registry.

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Stay connected with an integrated Alerts Management System designed to ensure better-coordinated care.

John Nolan

Sr Clinical Applications Specialist

Save 45 minutes of planning time per case

No more complex measurements

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Preview® is an interactive 3D modeling and measurements solution for surgery planning. Designed by imaging experts to handle the most complex anatomies including AAA, TAA and much more.

The innovative patented technology behind Preview® enables fast and accurate visualization of tortuous and highly angulated anatomy, contrast and non-contrast data, fenestrated and branched aneurysm endovascular repair cases.

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Preview - surgery planning solution
Interactive 3D modeling
  • Easy to use interactive measurement tools
  • Pre- and post-operative planning tools
  • Axial, sagittal, coronal, and orthogonal slices in conjunction with the 3D model for accurate measurements
120+ Measurement protocols
  • Standardized Measurement protocols
  • Aortic Diameters
  • Maximum Sac Diameter
  • Vessel lengths
  • Seal Zone calculations
  • C-Arm angle predictions
  • Proximal Neck Angles
  • Volumes
Surgery assessment
  • Appropriateness of EVAR for the patient
  • Adequate seal zones
  • Proximal neck pathology
  • Catheter path
  • Graft sizing and placement information
  • Save time by C-arm angle predictions
Reduce Complications
  • Assess the presence of thrombotic and calcified plaques
  • View anatomical components separately or as a whole, including lumen, thrombotic and calcified plaques.
  • Measure using vessel centerlines and orthogonal images


Cardiovascular Applications

  • EVAR
  • Ascending Aorta
  • Carotid
  • Peripheral
  • Iliofemoral Access

General Applications

  • Livers
  • Kidneys
  • Orthopedic

And Much More

  • 3D modeling
  • Custom volume metric analysis
  • Non-contrast scans
  • Venous
  • STLs

The Best-in-Class Image-Guided Surgery Planning Solutions


Our patented innovative solutions are built for endovascular surgeons and we are always committed to offering you the best technologies adapted to your needs


Our dedicated clinical applications and support team are committed to providing you with the best support to help you dedicate more time to your patients


Your data security is our first priority, all our systems are HIPAA compliant and we follow the latest security standards and guidelines to keep your data safe

Let’s Make Things Happen

Our team is ready to help you advance your endovascular surgery planning.

Contact our clinical application specialists today and start experiencing Astute Imaging™ innovative solutions and services.

Our team will offer you a detailed demo of our solutions and enrollment plan as well as discuss how our services will integrate with your daily workflow and post-op follow-up.

John Nolan
John Nolan
Sr Clinical Applications Specialist
+1 (603) 298-6084
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