The Acquisition Will Enable Astute Imaging to Expedite the Development of an AI Driven image-guided Therapy Platform

Kirkland, WA – March 15, 2022 – Astute Imaging LLC, a provider of imaging-guided therapy and procedure planning services, announced the acquisition of Dileny Technologies (DilenyTech) LLC, a deep technology healthcare startup developing innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for screening and diagnostic radiology workflow. The acquisition will enable Astute Imaging to leverage the power of AI to improve its current offering, expand services and develop innovative solutions in the medical imaging domain.

“This strategic acquisition of DilenyTech will enable Astute Imaging to expedite the development of an AI-driven image-guided therapy platform and add more automation to our imaging services and procedure planning solutions,” Wael Elseaidy, co-founder and CEO of Astute Imaging, stated. “Empowering our surgery planning and patient follow-up imaging platforms with AI will help our customers and medical imaging stakeholders to provide more patient-centric proactive services.”

Astute Imaging was spun-off last month from Fivos Inc., formerly known as Medstreaming/M2S, to focus on adopting state-of-the-art AI and cloud technologies to advance its unique patented imaging software and enable precision medicine for healthcare providers and device companies. DilenyTech developed several vendor-neutral AI proprietary technologies for radiology workflow with a special focus on women’s health. The company has provided its services to top-tier international healthcare companies as well as deployed AI applications to numerous healthcare organizations.

“We are excited to be part of Astute Imaging’s amazing team and adopt our expertise and technologies to build reliable AI technologies for imaging-guided therapy,” said Ahmed Ehab Mahmoud, DilenyTech founder, and innovation director who will be joining Astute Imaging’s founding team and managing the imaging operations. “We have applied our technologies successfully in the area of breast imaging and we look forward to expanding our AI pipeline to other imaging areas such as thyroid, liver, and gynecology as well as cardiovascular 3D imaging and procedural planning. We believe Astute Imaging will be a game-changer for healthcare providers and device companies.”

Astute Imaging is planning to launch an AI-powered tracking application for the aorta to provide proactive patient-centric services for providers. Whereas for the medical device companies, Astute Imaging is planning to enable its imaging core lab and procedure planning services with AI to allow seamless workflow and device tracking for the medical device industry. Moving closer towards precision medicine, Astute Imaging is planning to leverage its services and alerts for patient tracking via mobile applications.

“This acquisition will help Astute Imaging to expedite the introduction of AI into its cloud-based platform for image-guided therapy and workflow automation utilizing millions of procedure data assets to drive faster and enhanced services.” Ewald de Vries, co-founder, and Astute imaging CTO, indicated. “Incorporating AI into our cloud-based alert management system and creating data-driven predictive algorithms for procedure planning will make our offering very powerful and unique.”

Astute imaging is also planning to develop and offer predictive models for cardiovascular case planning and to expand into other areas such as women’s health, and cancer treatments. Predictive models will help companies to get better insights about future enhancements for interventional devices for image-guided procedures, especially in the cardiovascular and cancer domains.

About Astute Imaging 

Astute Imaging is a healthcare IT solutions company focusing on developing disruptive AI solutions to advance image-guided therapy and procedure planning for cardiovascular and interventional radiology. Astute Imaging will also provide cloud-based AI technologies for medical devices companies to streamline their product development, pre-market approvals, and post-market surveillance.

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About Dilenytech

Dileny Technologies (DilenyTech) is a cutting-edge startup that develops and deploys innovative AI technologies to empower radiology workflow. It focuses on medical imaging analysis applications, breast cancer risk assessment, and structured reporting for several medical applications. The company has provided its services to top-tier international health tech companies with active users in three different continents. The team combines both the professional and scientific experience of more than15 years, 90 plus scientific publications, and three US patents.

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Published On: Mar 15, 2022