New Focus Will Leverage the Power of Cloud-based AI Technologies Combined with Team Expertise to Advance imaging Services and Treatment Planning

West Lebanon, NH  – Feb 8, 2022 –  Fivos Inc., formerly known as Medstreaming/M2S, a leading company providing comprehensive data solutions for specialty providers, medical registries and device manufacturers, announced the spin-off of its imaging services business into Astute Imaging. The new company will focus on adopting state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies to advance its unique patented imaging software and enable precision medicine for healthcare providers and device companies.

Jay Colfer, CEO of Fivos, said, “Today’s announcement marks an important step forward for Fivos and will allow us to our focus on our core lines of business – vascular and cardiovascular workflow solutions for providers and quality data insights for registries and industry that advance patient care and device innovation.”

Astute Imaging provides Software as a Service (SaaS) products to physicians with 24/7 access for pre- and post-surgery planning and follow-up tools including 3D modeling, reconstruction, measurements, analysis, tracking, and alerts management.  The company also offers core-lab imaging service for device manufacturers with nearly two decades of experience providing high-quality, cost-effective image management, allowing them to streamline their clinical trials.

“We are excited to be solely focused on the imaging services business, where our core knowledge and expertise lies and where our vision is to apply data-driven enhancements and automation for procedure planning and follow-up, to enable effective and optimized patient-centric care management for healthcare providers and device manufacturers,” Wael Elseaidy, CEO of Astute Imaging, stated. “Our top priority is to maintain business continuity for our customers and employees. Astute Imaging will be a bridge to the next level of imaging services where it becomes faster, smarter, and available anytime, anywhere.”

Astute Imaging will be led by Elseaidy and Ewald de Vries, former founders of Medstreaming (currently known as Fivos). Both founders have more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare IT industry, particularly in the area of cardiovascular imaging. In 2016, Medstreaming acquired M2S with its revolutionary cardiovascular imaging solutions such as the Treatment Planning software (Preview®) and the Patient Evaluation and Management System (PEMS®).

“Our focus will be to leverage the power of cloud-based AI technologies combined with our team expertise to advance imaging services and treatment planning,” de Vries, Astute imaging CTO, indicated.  “Currently, Astute has access to ­more than 345,000 imaging records and a multidisciplinary team of technology and medical experts. We look forward to provide ongoing support to our customers with these resources and expertise.”

About Fivos

Medstreaming and M2S are now Fivos Health. Founded in 2006, Fivos is the industry’s leading provider of comprehensive data solutions for specialty providers, medical registries and device manufacturers. By taking a holistic approach to data capture, insights and action, Fivos helps drive innovation, improve outcomes and lower costs. Vascular, cardiovascular and other specialties can leverage Fivos solutions to manage workflows, assess performance, measure risk and meet regulatory markers.To learn more about Fivos and its suite of solutions, visit

About Astute Imaging

Astute Imaging is a healthcare IT solutions company focusing on developing disruptive AI solutions to advance image-guided therapy and procedure planning for cardiovascular and interventional radiology. Astute Imaging will also provide cloud-based AI technologies for medical devices companies to streamline their product development, pre-market approvals, and post-market surveillance. To learn more about Astute Imaging and its suite of solutions, visit

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Published On: Feb 8, 2022